Common Education

  • Teacher pay increase of at least $5,000 with recurring funding resource
    •  Additional long term goal of pay increase for longer serving teachers and high performing teachers
    • Reinstitute bonus program for nationally certified teachers 
  • Expand charter schools and the Education Scholarship Tax Credit program
  • Provide greater incentives for voluntary mergers of school administration
  • Modify academic performance ranking criteria and provide incentives for improvement

Finance and Budget

  • Reduce cost of special interest tax breaks
    • Eliminate zero emission facility tax credit in 2017
    • Initiate a comprehensive review of the tax code with the objective of lower rates, less loopholes, and a broadens base of taxpayers
  • Redirect "Off the top" revenues to the general appropriation process
    • Pause the $59,7M automatic increase to ROADS program
  • Initiate performance review of entire state government
    • Use private funds for cost
    • Require RFP process

Job Growth and Economy

  • Restructure tax code for lower rates and a broader base of taxpayers
    •  Eliminate the franchise tax and reduce corporate income tax rate to 5%
    • Reduce personal income tax rate to 4%
    • Eliminate income tax preferences and sales tax exemptions
  • Develop a tax incentive program to recruit doctors
    • Model the program after Aerospace Engineer incentive
    • Target new doctors graduating from OU and OSU
  • Fund the governor's quick action closing fund
    • Annual deposits of at least $1M
    • Improve specifications and reporting

Higher Education

  • Increase college degree completions
  • Innovate academic programs for the 21st Century economy
  • Promote online Education
  • Invest in workforce development
  • Require fiscal stability, affordability and efficiencies
  • Utilize and advance new technology


  • The very successful ROADS Program should be maintained
  • As the deficient roads and bridges get repaired, a long term infrastructure plan should be developed for prioritizing economic growth
  • Financing road expenditures should shift from operations cash flow to financing from the capital markets
  • A long term lease of the Oklahoma turnpike system should be pursued to eliminate the current debt load and fund statewide infrastructure


  • Perform a Medicaid Audit for actual eligibility, federal compliance and services provided for those receiving Medicaid funds. (Note:  Arkansas performed one and discovered 120,000 people who had health care insurance were using Medicaid.)
  • Support greater transparency for consumers with state and federal mandates for the publishing of the net price of pharmaceuticals. 
  • Combat obesity, smoking, illicit drug use and teen pregnancy with incentives for primary care doctors to address these issues with greater reimbursement rates. (Note: Most major medical insurance companies won’t pay for obesity therapy and OHCA won’t pay for weight loss medicine.)
  • Support the new work, education, volunteer or looking-for-work requirement to receive Medicaid in Oklahoma. Time limits for assistance should be enforced with reasonable exceptions.
  • Develop incentive program to train and recruit doctors for urgent and family care in both urban and rural Oklahoma.
  • Request waivers from Health & Human Services Medicaid control/reporting structure in Oklahoma. (Punitive actions are still in effect from Obamacare.)